We are proud to announce that the Pelita Group has undertaken to support the implementation of Teach Malaysia Teach (TMT) programme in 10 primary schools at various locations in Kedah, Penang and Perak. A total of 200 children from the B40 group will benefit from this programme.

I am glad that this project has been designed and executed by a group of educationists who are enthusiastic in uplifting the self-esteem of these children. Their dedication and hard work is much appreciated.

The facilitators who have been engaged seem to be young, dynamic individuals who are driven by unwavering passion to transform the children.

As for the Pelita Group, we are equally enthusiastic in seeing the achievement of our children through the TMT initiative. It is our mission to help the poor and the needy so that one day they would be able to lead a successful and progressive life.

My best wishes to all !



Managing Director