Teach Malaysia Teach (TMT) originated from the belief that the ability to learn and excel is inherent in every child.
In line with this belief, modules have been developed to enhance the learning process of children through various activities and experiences. The content for the modules have been derived from student interests and curiosity. The facilitator becomes a medium that introduces new experiences; the learner becomes a thinker, doer and a problem solver.
Facilitators have been selected carefully based on three criteria: that they are young, energetic and possess the enthusiasm to deliver the lessons in an interesting, fun-filled and informal setting. The outcome should be for the children to;

  • develop positive self-esteem
  • acquire new knowledge and skills
  • adopt the right attitude in life

It is hoped that this programme would be able to produce a group of young individuals who would want to do the best in their undertakings !



Project Director